Online scientific congress updated guidelines: Nutritional treatment for patients with renal diseases & the effectiveness of IPDN

On December 4th, The Ho Chi Minh Society of Dialysis Therapies (HSDT) organized an online scientific congress with the topic: “Updated guidelines on nutritional treatment for patients with renal diseases & the effectiveness of IDPN”. The congress, in cooperation with Otsuka Pharmaceutical Vietnam JSC, has attracted nearly 200 participants whose are healthcare professional in the field of Nephrology and Dialysis nationwide.

Hoi thao TT Cập nhật hướng dẫn dinh dưỡng trong điều trị bệnh lý thận_1

During the congress opening, A/Prof Pham Van Bui – MD. PhD, The President of HSDT confirms the importance of nutrition for patients with chronic kidney disease, both before and after hemodialysis.  The survival duration of dialysis patients is directly affected by malnutrition, so this requires physician making an appropriate nutrition intervention plan at each time.

The congress has two speakers who are prestigious experts in the field of Dialysis: Huynh Ngoc Phuong Thao – MD. PhD, Head of Nephrology – Dialysis Department, University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy – HCM city and Nguyen Minh Tuan – MD. PhD, Head of Dialysis Department, Cho Ray Hospital. Two lectures were “Updated guideline nutritional treatment for inpatient with AKI & CKD” and “Amino acid loss in hemodialysis & the effectiveness of IDPN”. Lectures have provided a comprehensive view of the importance of nutritional intervention, how to intervene with different patient groups such as AKI, CKD before and after dialysis, especially specifically emphasize the role of IDPN. Lectures are highly appreciated for their updating and practical information. Many questions and difficulty situation in clinical practice were discussed.

At the end of the program, the attendees were required to take a post-test to receive a CME Certificate issued by Nguyen Tri Phuong hospital.

Hoi thao TT Cập nhật hướng dẫn dinh dưỡng trong điều trị bệnh lý thận_2

A/Prof. Pham Van Bui – MD. PhD, Dr. Nguyen Minh Tuan – MD. PhD & Mr. Hashimoto Daisuke – General Director of Otsuka Vietnam JSC at the congress

With the current epidemic situation, online scientific congresses have completely eliminated the geographical distance, helping medical staff in all regions without interruption in their learning and updating scientific information. The cooperation of Otsuka Vietnam JSC and the HSDT for an online scientific congress makes a meaningful contribution to this process.