Social Responsibility

Otsuka Group is fully aware that, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is an integral part of our business activities. By this approach, Otsuka could achieve sustainable development, long term growth and pursue our commitments for strong sustainable development of society.

Otsuka is committed to striving to proactively to contribute to society by providing sustainable environmentally friendly products for better heath worldwide.

Based on our corporate philosophy “Otsuka- people creating new products for better heath worldwide” and through fully implementing “The Best Partner in Clinical Nutrition in Viet Nam”, we would like to be the best supported IV Nutrition company by patients and HCPs in Vietnam.


With the spirit of being charitable toward others, Otsuka always care for approaching to social responsibilty through our activities to community. Our so-called givings of every year vary from running for charity, blood donation to monetary donation in which we could share with orphanges, nursing homes. That’s how we do engage with community by what we can.