Otsuka’s 100 years journey of value creation and contribution

The year 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Otsuka Corporation. During the past 100 years, Otsuka Corporation has been constantly creating, innovating, creating human health care products, bringing everyday happiness to people around the world.

100 năm thành lập Tập đoàn Otsuka

The story of discovery began in 1921, Otsuka company was established with the production and consumption of inorganic substances, under the leadership of Mr. Busaburo Otsuka.

25 years later, Mr. Masahito Otsuka – Mr. Busaburo’s son transformed the business into an intravenous solution company and quickly became the largest supplier of IV to hospitals in Japan. In 1964, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in Tokushima.

Today the Otsuka Group has become a multinational corporation with more than 50,000 employees and 200 companies worldwide, focusing mainly on pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements with headquarters in Tokyo.

In Vietnam, Otsuka has been known since the factory in Dong Nai province was established in 2003. After 18 years of establishment and development, the Otsuka brand has become familiar to many Vietnamese people with nutritional products to help to maintain and improve health and happiness every day.


Otsuka is also deeply aware that CSR is an integral value in business activities. In Vietnam, Otsuka is always interested in community activities, sharing difficulties with orphans and disadvantaged children. Humanitarian blood donation, charity donation, participating in charity sports activities are annual activities of the company.

Recently, the representative of Otsuka Vietnam has donated nutritional products and gloves to Hanoi Medical University, University Medical Center Ho Chi Minh City, Hoan My Saigon Hospital, Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital, Thong Nhat Hospital, Military Hospital 175, Cho Ray Hospital to protect and take care of frontline healthcare professionals who are working tirelessly to offer care and treatment to COVID-19 patients.

With the business slogan that Otsuka – People creating new products for better health worldwide, Otsuka is committed to continuing to accompany with partners to build and develop the clinical nutrition industry in Vietnam.