Patient Club In Hemodialysis Department

Patient Club In Hemodialysis Department: The Feature Of Reimbursed Kidney Amino Acid Solutions

Câu Lạc Bộ Bệnh Nhân Thận Nhân Tạo

On 5th August 2018, Otsuka Vietnam JSC and Hemodialysis department, Bach Mai Hospital organized the Patient Club with topic as “Feature of some kidney amino acid solutions which are reimbursed by Health Insurance”. The attendees are around 70 inpatients and their relatives.

Hemodialysis department, Bach Mai hospital is the leader center on scientific education & treatment nationwide. This center manages approximately 600 hemodialysis patients and conducts hemodialysis process from 3 to 4 sessions per day. Patient club is implemented quarterly aiming to provide information and guidance for patients.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is more popularity nowadays. By 2015, there were 6.73% population who has CKD, equivalent approx. 6 million people in Vietnam. CKD patients have high risk of malnutrition, in which PEW is the most common status, accounting more 50% in hemodialysis patients. Malnutrition in CKD including many reasons: reduce daily intake (diet, no appetite), catabolism by dialysis, metabolism disorder etc. The consequence result is increased risk of infection, acquired cardiovascular diseases and reduced quality of life 3. Therefore, it is very important to provide sufficient and suitable nutrition. There are many CKD patients with malnutrition condition whose are indicated by parenteral nutrition.

In this meeting, Dr. Dung Huu Nguyen MD. PhD. – The Head of hemodialysis department, Bach Mai Hospital presented the topic “Feature of kidney amino acid solutions reimbursement by Health insurance”. He explained the reason of protein supplement in hemodialysis patient and introduced the advantages, disadvantages of some kidney amino acid solutions available in the department. Kidney amino acid solution has suitable ingredients for kidney impairment. Patient will feel more comfortable if solution is infused this during hemodialysis session. Many kidney amino acid solutions are reimbursed by health insurance in order to reduce economic burden for patients. At the end of the meeting, there is Q&A session in order to solve any concern of patient.