Scientific Symposium: Nutrition For Hospitalized From Multi Ways

On December 6th, 2019, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Vietnam JSC organized a scientific symposium on topic “Nutrition for hospitalized patients from multi ways” with participation of experts in rescution – emergency, gastrointestinal surgery, general surgery from many hospitals nationwide.



Opening the symposium, Prof. Gia Binh Nguyen, MD. Ph.D – President of Vietnam Association of Emergency, Intensive care medicine & clinical toxicology emphasized the malnutrition situation in hospitalized patients, especially patients in the emergency department, in Vietnam as well as around the world. This rate ranges from 37- 50% in the US, the Netherlands, Sweden, Latin America, … and in Vietnam it is 40 – 60% by 2020 for patients in ICU. He pointed out that malnutrition in hospitalized will lead to consequences as following: increased morbidity and mortality, prolonged hospital stay, increased costs of treatment and reduced quality of life, so that it is importance for patients to choice a suitable nutrition method.

Ngan Tam Luu – MD. Ph.D – President of Ho Chi Minh city society of parenteral and enteral nutrition presented on topic “Remarks for parenteral nutrition for patients with liver failure”. She emphasized the roles of branched – chain amino acid (BCAA) in glucose and lipid metabolism and increasing protein synthesis in liver patients as well as its role in regulation of brain function in CKD with hepatic encephalopathy. She presented the view that the use of the BCAA – enrich solution formula is essential in the treatment of patients with liver failure.

A/Prof. Cam Phuong Pham MD. Ph.D – Director of Center of Nuclear and Ongology, Bach Mai hospital finished professtional reports on topic “Gastrointestinal cancer – Pathogenesis & effective treatment direction”. According to the presentation, patients with stomach and esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, head and neck cancer have higher rates of undernutrition than other cancers. She said that we should provide nutrition perioperative by total parenteral nutrition at all stages for gastrointestinal treatment and branched – chain amino acid is essential in parenteral nutrition at the same time.