The annual conference of Ho Chi Minh City association for the study of liver diseases in 2020

On October 25th, 2020, Ho Chi Minh City Association for The Study of Liver Diseases (HASLD) belonging to Ho Chi Minh City Medical Association held the annual conference with topic “Liver diseases in Covid-19 pandemic – Some update news on liver diseases”. The conference was held at Rex hotel, Ho Chi Minh city with participation of 200 health care professionals from hospitals nationwide.


The annual conference of HASLD took place in the context of Covid-19 epidemic continuing to develop complicatedly in the world. Patients with chronic diseases in general and liver diseases in particular are at higher risk of damage from SARS-CoV-2. So, this issues was selected as the main topic of the conference and presented by Dr. Huu Chi Nguyen – The President of HASLD. Besides, other presentation also provide the most up-to-date information on common concerns of liver disease such as: The role of liver protection medicine, The value of 2D Shear Wave technology compares to other techniques in the diagnosis of liver cirrhosis, A clinical case study about the role of intravascular intervention in liver disease treatment (TIPS and PARTO).

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Vietnam JSC participated in this conference as role of Bronze sponsor. It demonstrates Otsuka’s commitment to accompany the medical community, helping to update scientific knowledge for health care professionals, thereby contributing to improving the quality of treatment for patients.